The 2023 winners have now been announced

Recognise, Reward and Celebrate – Social Media Rules the World

The Global Social Media Awards celebrates businesses around the world that are crashing through the algorithms and channelizing the chatter to create innovative, meaningful engagement that produces tangible results.

The Awards are the ultimate Social Media accolade as they reward the best work. So whether you are a small, local agency delivery low budget campaigns or large, international agencies working with big brands it is your results that matter.

Ethical, transparent and fair, the Awards are awarded by international, industry recognised judges, acknowledged globally and are the definitive sign of success.

Over 3.75 billion people have social media accounts, engage with social media marketing and use social media apps. It doesn’t matter where you are, what language you speak, your age or gender, Social Media communicates across the world and beyond, even in space! Wherever you do business, if your teams are producing campaigns on Social Media these Global Awards are the way to show the world who is Boss.

Campaigns can be specific to a country or region, or worldwide – if you have stamped your mark on Social Media, download your entry form now you could be a Global Award Winner.