Please see the following descriptions for more information on each category. For further clarification on the judging criteria, click here, or visit the How To Enter page for more information on guidelines and entry fees.

Campaign Awards

Best Use of Facebook

We can’t underestimate the power of Facebook so whether you used Facebook to launch or sell, inform or entertain, serve or defend, motivate or campaign if it was a huge success our Judges want to know about it.

Best Use of Twitter

If your campaign tweets were twerrific, your imagery twansformative and your hashtags twemendous then you have seen increases in brand awareness and ROI. Judges are looking for campaigns that have utilised everything twitter has to offer to ensure success.

Best Use of Instagram

A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words and Instagram knows it. If you used Instagram to launch or sell, inform or entertain, serve or defend, motivate or campaign the judges want to hear your story!

Best Use of Youtube

This award is for original, engaging content that rocked the YouTube world and your audience engagement. Judges want to see campaigns with clear objectives, clever implementation of the platform and results that can be specifically attributed to your work.

Best Use of TikTok

TIKTOK has hit the headlines globally this year and so have you. If you have danced (or not danced, just posted) your way to success via the platform then our Judges want to celebrate your achievements.

Best Use of Snapchat

If Snapchatters have ‘discovered’ your content through casual, authentic, fun social our judges want to know. It doesn’t matter whether you used Snapchat to launch or sell, inform or entertain, serve or defend, motivate or campaign – we want to celebrate your success.

Best Use of LinkedIn

Meaningful connections; perfect for conversations. LinkedIn can support business to launch or sell, inform or entertain, serve or defend, motivate or campaign. Judges are looking for LinkedIn media that has added real value.

Best Audience Engagement Campaign

Were you the talk of the social streams? Judges are looking to recognise the best use of social media to develop, manage and engage online audiences and achieve ROI.

Best Social Influencer Campaign

Social Influencers can be great for the goods and brands. Judges are looking for successful use of Social Influencers either to drive awareness, launch a brand or increase sales. Who worked for you?

Best Use of Research & Evaluation

They say knowing is everything, but understanding is important too. Judges are looking to celebrate the best use of social media channels to research and evaluate and/or the best use of research and evaluation to inform a social media campaign.

Best Use of Social Media in a Crisis

When the unexpected causes crisis how has social media communicated your message. Judges want to see how agencies adapted to the circumstances and keep audiences engaged.

Most Impactful Social Media Innovation

Judges are looking for something ‘NEW’. It might be a new channel, it might be a new way to use, it might be a new way to view. This award is for the innovations of the year.

Best Low Budget Campaign

Social media on a shoestring! Judges are looking for campaigns that achieved the greatest results for the minimal outlay (maximum overall campaign budget of $10k, including agency fees and media spend).

Best Use of Social Media for Entertainment

Social Media is an essential part of promotion, distribution and consumption of movies, music, gaming and more. Judges are looking to reward and recognise campaigns that have instilled excitement, inspired chatter and infused engagement in entertainment.

Best Use of Social Media for Finance

Keeping compliant teams’ happy challenges Social Media in finance, but it doesn’t stop the creativity and innovation. This award is celebrating Finance Social Media that both breaks and abides by the rules.

Best Use of Social Media for Retail

This is an award for retail and retail vertical. Judges are looking for Retail Social Media that is building social following, increasing brand awareness, inspiring customer engagement and action and increasing sales.

Best Use of Social Media for FMCG

Whether you have used social media to develop loyalty, infiltrate new markets or expand brand awareness, if your success demonstrates an impact on ROI then you could take home the Best Use of Social Media for FMCG – the perfect reward for your efforts this year.

Charity / Not-for-profit Campaign

Resources may be tighter than most, but your innovation, talent and tenacity are attracting increased donations, registrations and memberships through social media communications locally or globally. This award is available for a standalone activity or an element of a wider media or communications strategy.

Best Long-Term Strategic Use of Social Media

Judges are looking for business growth directly attributed to social media. This award recognises genuinely strategic social media campaigns where social media has been used to bridge the gap between where a business was and where it wanted to be.

Best Integrated Campaign

It might be a small part, but despite this it had enormous impact on the big picture. An award to recognise an outstanding piece of social media work that was integral in the success of a wider campaign.

Best Direct Response Social Media Campaign

No time to waste, it’s time to win. Judges are looking for a Direct Response campaign that forced action from consumers – they want to see measurable success related to a specific piece of marketing.

Best Use of Paid Social

Judges are looking to recognise an outstanding paid social campaign that was worth every penny because it delivered exceptional results against a defined objective and KPI –awareness, reach, engagement and ROI.

Best Local to Global Campaign

It doesn’t matter where it started it is where it ended. Best Local to Global is an award that recognises the global scaling of a local insight – did something work in your home country and then scale incredibly around the world?

Social Media Tool Awards

Best Social Media Tool

Without third-party technology, social media creation would not be the high performer it is today. This award recognises and celebrates the best piece of third-party technology created to enhance or improve social media performance, paid or organic.

Company / Agency / Team / Individual Awards

Rising Star Award

Within your team you have an individual who is forging the way with passion, innovation and divergent thinking. They are an employee for keeps so show your appreciation and nominate them for the Rising Star Award.

Best In-house Team

In-House teams consistently demonstrate great understanding of brand and know how to use social media innovatively to engage, entertain and call to action new and returning clientele. If your in-house team is key to the success of your business, then recognise them with a nomination for this award. Teams within agencies and companies are applicable to enter this award.

Best Start-up Agency (Less than 2 years old)

You might be new, but you are running rings around the old guard! This is your opportunity for recognition amongst your peers and industry experts and your chance to wear a badge of honour that attracts new business. Entries are welcomed from agencies which are under 24 months old.

Best Small Agency

Small is beautiful! Judges are looking for the Best Small Agency (10 employees or less) who show consistently great understanding and use of social media.

Best Large Agency

Judges are looking for the Best Large Agency (11 plus employees). A team that works together cohesively to achieve great results for their customers on social media platforms. Agencies can work locally, nationally or internationally – this award is about ROI and success.