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Success story: White Marketing & My True Ancestry

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Published Date 15.04.2024

At White Marketing, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated for the “Best Use of Facebook” category at the Global Social Media Awards. This recognition reflects our dedication to achieving outstanding results for our clients through hard work and collaboration.

The use case  we proudly presented stood out in a league of its own through the smartly integrated activities of organic posting and strategic paid ads. 

Our social media campaign, carried out for our long-term client MyTrueAncestry, a DNA analysis website, sought to tap into the vast potential of genetic analysis.  Deep down, our DNA holds the key to our history, an awe-inspiring story waiting to be unlocked: our mission was to contribute by providing as many users as possible with the means to access their ancient past. 

But how do you get people truly jazzed about peeking into their genetic past? Well, THAT was the challenge.

Our mission was ambitious and we knew tired marketing tactics wouldn’t cut it for such a specific market that demands constant adaptability, initiative, and a nuanced approach due to the sensitive nature of the topic, namely DNA and heritage. We needed a strategy as rich and layered as the ancestry we were helping users explore.

The secret weapon? Weaving a captivating story across social media structured along a funnel, targeting different groups of users on Facebook with messages that really resonated with them.

But we went beyond just ads: we successfully built a vibrant and engaged online community on Facebook (currently counting over 200K followers). We carefully researched and shared interesting stories about history, archaeology, and the wonders of DNA analysis, sparking conversations and igniting curiosity among users from all over the world. This organic content wasn’t just informative, it was a goldmine. We tracked which posts resonated most, using those insights to fuel our targeted advertising efforts even further.

What set us apart was our proactive approach to achieve virality thanks to a meticulous pre-campaign research aimed at identifying organic content with the highest potential to go viral, showcasing a level of precision that can be a model for businesses across sectors (see example below: all engagement coming from organic traffic, with exceptional results in terms of reactions, comments, and shares).

Our journey faced its share of challenges. At the end of 2023, a significant data breach in the industry left everyone on edge. But throughout this hurdle, creativity remained our compass. We invested so much in producing the highest quality creative outputs that we even ventured beyond the digital realm, with our team traveling to archaeological sites to capture captivating content that fueled user engagement. This wasn’t just about social media marketing; it was about igniting a passion for ancestral exploration.

We exhibited remarkable sensitivity and vigilance through daily monitoring, swiftly adjusting communication strategies to provide a dynamic response to the intricacies of this nuanced landscape.

This campaign wasn’t just about driving results; it was about weaving a narrative, fostering a community, and empowering people to embark on a journey of self-discovery. And we believe this innovative approach makes our campaign a compelling contender for the Social Media Awards.

Creativity was the linchpin of our campaign, ensuring resilience in the face of challenges. Our ability to adapt strategies creatively, test a wide variety of creative concepts and address each challenge with tailored solutions played a pivotal role in maintaining campaign effectiveness.

What truly distinguished us is our end-to-end funnel coverage achieved exclusively through Facebook. Our campaign served as a testament to the prowess of social media as a revenue-generating platform for an online business. This exemplifies how companies can seamlessly integrate social media channels (specifically Facebook) to fuel their financial success, making our approach not just innovative but a potential paradigm for businesses venturing into the digital realm.

Recently, MyTrueAncestry’s CEO provided the following testimonial regarding our Facebook campaign: “I am truly impressed by the creativity demonstrated by your team, not only in crafting the advertisement content but also in effectively engaging with users. […] This collaborative approach is precisely the kind of partnership that yields results”. 

At White Marketing, we, as a team of self-motivated experts in our fields, are passionate about keeping ourselves ahead of the curve and offering cutting-edge consulting services in digital marketing.
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