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farsiight’s Creative Strategy Offering Earns Finalist Spot in Global Social Media Awards

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Published Date 05.04.2024

farsiight is a Brisbane-based performance marketing agency with a creative focus founded by brothers Ben and Josh Somerville in 2019. farsiight’s mission Growth For Good is to redefine ethical business practices in the industry. Growth for Good emphasises sustainable growth for clients and employees, employee well-being, and ethical partnerships.

Being shortlisted for not just one, but two prestigious awards at the Global Social Media Awards has got us on cloud 9. We’re thrilled to be recognised for our innovative work in the categories of “Best Use of Paid Social” and “Best Large Agency.”

Best Large Agency

farsiight has made significant strides in evolving its approach to paid social, particularly in response to the challenges posed by changes in the social advertising landscape driven by privacy changes. 

Recognising that creatives have become the driving force behind successful strategies, farsiight aimed to redefine its creative strategy services to meet the demands of a market where conventional media buying strategies have lost their edge. The agency set itself the goal of developing a concrete creative strategy offering, designed to streamline the workflow between the agency and its clients, ensuring higher quality creatives with fewer revisions. This strategy was seamlessly integrated into their standard paid social retainer packages.

One of the unique challenges farsiight faced was bridging the data gap between media buyers and creative strategists. Through the integration of “Motion,” a technology platform providing visual reports aligned with the designers’ skills, and a focus on upskilling, the agency overcame this hurdle, enabling more efficient and autonomous creative decision-making.

farsiight believes it stands out due to its resilience, growth mindset, and monumental effort in launching its new creative strategy service. The service has not only provided outstanding outcomes for clients but also secured farsiight a competitive edge in the market, contributing to winning larger contracts and achieving a higher win rate.

Here is a few words from farsiight’s creative strategist, Hayley Robinson: 

“We’re super proud to be finalists in the “Best Large Agency” award! Over the past 12 months, the creative offering at farsiight has changed dramatically. Ari and I are up-skilled in creative performance data analysis and can identify key trends using creative performance metrics. 

It allows us to do extensive creative testing for our clients, getting the most out of each angle, hook and asset. We can see the journey of an asset from start to finish. We create a hypothesis based on the data we see and execute on the creative. We test the asset within the platform and based off that data, see if our original hypothesis was correct. This allows us to identify iteration opportunities and new opportunities for the accounts.

We analyse industry trends in multiple social media platforms which allows us to pull key insights and themes. We analyse client competitors, industry trends within ads and platforms, which helps inform how we curate our clients creative assets to their audiences.

It’s been amazing to provide a range of new services to our clients. Being able to help them understand how their audiences interact with creative and how to get them to convert.”

Best Use of Paid Social

Our dynamic partnership between farsiight and Cycology; a powerhouse in the cycling gear industry, has allowed us to embark on a mission to crank up revenue and attract new customers on a global scale. It was no small feat, especially considering the economic challenges we faced.

To secure a ~15% year-over-year growth in revenue, Farsiight implemented several strategic initiatives:

  • Adopted the Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) as the principal metric for guiding budgeting decisions to focus on profitability.
  • Reallocated the budget across the marketing funnel to concentrate on acquiring first-time customers, a previously overlooked segment that hindered Cycology’s growth potential. This strategy resulted in a ~26% increase in first-time orders year-over-year.
  • Revitalised Cycology’s creative approach by providing new creative templates for their regular product launches, enhancing the brand’s visual appeal and engagement.
  • Optimised their Google and Meta accounts, ensuring a more efficient use of spend.
  • Achieved considerable growth in Cycology’s smaller, less developed markets through targeted strategies.

Here are a few words from farsiight’s Senior Performance Manager, Malinder Ah-Chong

“It’s such an honour to be shortlisted for the Global Social Media Awards – Best Use of Paid Social! Working with Cycology has been a delight because they are creative-minded but also performance-focused. So it’s a match made in heaven.

It’s been awesome to be able to approach things differently and take the creative lead for Paid Social. We’ve tried a lot of new angles and creative styles that’s really elevated the brand. To see it’s success from an in-platform and business level has been really rewarding.”




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