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BorderX share the story behind their shortlisted campaigns

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Published Date 02.05.2023

Being shortlisted for the Global Social Media Awards categories of “Best Social Influencer Campaign” and “Best Use of Paid Social” stand as a testament to BorderX’s mission of helping brands go global and unleash their full potential through strategy, creativity, and data. As a newly rebranded global-native digital agency, the Global Social Media Awards called to us because of its desire to reward agencies breaking boundaries to bring on big results.

Originating in 2020 from Seoul, South Korea as a scrappy marketing agency, we have partnered with numerous brands in a variety of categories to help stretch their influence worldwide for the last 3 years. This year, we changed our name to BorderX to better represent our will to break boundaries, big and small. Through our recent rebranding, BorderX strengthened the core of our identity around 4 common values: challenge, collaboration, expertise, and impact. Out of these core values, one of them, “impact,” rings especially true to the spirit of the Global Social Media Awards. Through our branding, marketing, and performance services, BorderX looks to affect change in our team, in our clients, and in the world at large.

For these awards, we submitted our campaigns for skincare brand Medicube and gaming device brand bHaptics because of their ability to really demonstrate our passion for making impact globally. Not only did we want the recognition for these campaigns, but we wanted to share the story of how we achieved such stunning results.

For our influencer campaign with Medicube, we teamed up with powerhouse mega-influencer Tati Westbrook who was a natural fit for this campaign due to her age and interest in skincare tools. We looked to create authentic influencer content that would successfully introduce and integrate Medicube skincare devices into the lives of its American audience. To win the resulting 4x ROAS and an engagement rate of 8.5%, the campaign required thorough research and analysis of the target audience, product, and social media platform. Demonstrating a daily routine with Medicube skincare devices, Tati’s campaign boasted not only authentic lifestyle content, but also a detailed explanation featuring the technical aspects of a product to an audience that was likely unfamiliar with these devices. With a title that felt true to Tati’s personal style and tone  (“BETTER THAN BOTOX…Skincare Secrets 🤫”), BorderX helped garner explosive attention for a Korean device to a U.S. audience.

Blending the service pillars of strategy, creativity, and data, our paid ads campaign for bHaptics demonstrated the strengths of our holistic approach in producing impressive results. Raising brand awareness and increasing sales to an American gaming audience required purposeful creative choices that were backed by data. The 95.16% increase in new users on the bHaptics website as well as a 21.85% increase in total revenue spoke to the combined efforts of the creative and performance teams. Such success was only made possible through constant optimization, analyzing the designs and copy that appealed to gamers, as well as selling points that would be helpful for describing the exciting technology behind bHaptics products.

The common thread between these two campaigns is that they spotlight our ability to remain flexible and multi-faceted. With an agency facing the global market, BorderX’s aim is to use a variety of skill sets, perspectives, and strategies to bring about results that are meaningful to companies everywhere. As a small agency based in Seoul, South Korea, winning the Global Social Media Awards would echo this vision in a concrete achievement. This award would help us stand firm in the global marketing space as the leaders we strive to be. Especially in light of our recent rebranding efforts, being recognized would parallel our global reach by reaffirming our meaningful impact, past, present, and future.

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