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Revolutionizing EthosEnergy’s social media: How we became contenders in the Global Social Media Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 06.04.2023

EthosEnergy is proud to announce that we have been nominated for two global marketing awards for the prestigious Global Social Media Awards 2023. The categories we have been nominated for are: ‘Best Use of LinkedIn’ and ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’.

This incredible recognition has inspired us to share our journey to achieving these nominations. With a special mention to Oakwood Agency, a B2B digital marketing agency whose partnership helped lead us to these esteemed nominations.

As an independent service provider of rotating equipment services and solutions, we understand the importance of an effective LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy. And our recognition from the Global Marketing Awards has only reinforced this belief.

With this in mind, we’d like to discuss our award-nominated work. We’ll take you through our aims, our strategy, our implementation, and our results for both awards.

Best low-budget campaign: Leading the way on social media

Our objective

The goal of our social media campaign was to drive trust and authenticity by focusing on our most valued assets: our employees.

We collaborated with Oakwood Agency to create a guidelines document that would help to shape a plan that would elevate our leadership’s LinkedIn profile.

Our strategy

We targeted fellow C-suite professionals in similar or the same industries as well as potential customers. Our aim was to reach as many people as possible in order to further strengthen our brand recognition.

We also looked to influence others within the EthosEnergy team to work on their LinkedIn profiles and content. This was to help to encourage more brand representatives and increase our brand awareness.

Our implementation

We set our primary focus on our East Hemisphere Executive Vice President’s page. The content we worked on was a fine balance between personal and professional, while helping to create an authentic, human face for EthosEnergy.

Our small yet mighty digital team worked closely with Oakwood to develop our Executive Playbook, which we then followed step by step. This helped us to overcome challenges such as adapting and keeping the tone of voice and style consistent.

Our results

All of the effort put into this project by our team was well worth it. We experienced an 1800% increase in engagement and a 1500% uplift in impressions.

Due to the success of this project, our CEO and West Hemisphere Vice President asked for our assistance. This led to the expansion of our LinkedIn training to our sales teams, HR teams, and the wider leadership structure.

“The team and I are extremely honored to be nominated for this award. Having worked closely with our leadership team over the last year to position them as brand representatives, we were delighted to see the results and be recognised in this category. Using our experience in our VP’s profile as a case study for all, we are now delivering our LinkedIn training to all our sales teams, HR teams, as well as the wider leadership team.

Working with Oakwood has been a dream! Their social media experts understood exactly what we were looking to achieve, helping to develop our POA, execution, and continuing to refine our strategy. ” Olivia Atkinson – Digital Marketing Lead at EthosEnergy.

Best Use of LinkedIn: Refocusing our social media strategy

Our objective

Following a brand transformation, we decided to focus our efforts on LinkedIn. As a B2B business, LinkedIn is a key channel for EthosEnergy. Our objective was to increase our engagement, interactions, and click-through rate by 50% within six months.

Our strategy

We worked with Oakwood Agency to develop a strategy that would focus on LinkedIn best practices.

We also focused on building a content framework and introducing the 3-2-1 model – aiming to publish three pieces of thought leadership content. This consisted of news articles, views from our leadership team, and case studies.

Our implementation

We introduced key design elements and brand signifiers that helped us to build our brand recognition. All while maintaining a consistent style and message throughout our content.

We leveraged audience insights to optimize our content across a number of platforms, including mobile users, to help boost our engagement.

Our results

This new strategy led to a huge increase in our key metrics, and exceeded even our own expectations. Over 6 months, we’ve received 7,000 reactions and 220 comments, with an average engagement rate of 5% and a click-through rate (CTR) of 2.5% – helping us to hit our target of a 50% increase.

“Over the past year we have worked with EthosEnergy to redefine their overall brand positioning and establish a plan to build and grow their presence on LinkedIn, helping to shape their content strategy, TOV and creative approach. EthosEnergy has seen a tremendous uplift in their organic engagement levels and follower growth; crucially impacting the quality of their website traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate.

We are delighted to continue working with the brand to help them leverage social and demonstrate the value for their business.” Neil Sims – CEO at Oakwood Agency

Humanizing EthosEnergy

Our success in our social media lies in our ability to shift our focus from our products and services, to building brand reputation and humanizing our brand.

Our journey to the Global Social Media Awards has been a testament to the power of strategic planning, collaboration, and consistency in the content we create. And our partnership with Oakwood Agency allowed us to unlock our LinkedIn potential, and achieve outstanding results.

We are exceptionally proud to be nominated for these two awards, and we aim to continue our hard work in the coming years. We would like to once again thank the Global Social Media Awards for considering us, and Oakwood Agency for their help in our process.

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