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Campfire’s Journey to Global Recognition

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Published Date 12.04.2024

Campfire is delighted to be nominated for not just one, but two Global Social Media Awards! Having started the business from a spare room in Salford in 2019, we have evolved into a full-service digital agency dedicated to being the reason people look forward to ads, setting the gold standard for impactful brand partnerships. We work with impressive blue-chip brands including L’Oreal, Dove and Quorn where we’re able to translate their messages into ones that drive the digital generation to take action, delivering outstanding results in their digital campaigns through our unique blend of data and creativity. Entering the Global Social Media Awards is an exciting opportunity for our team. As a growing marketing agency, we’re honoured to participate and have the chance to showcase our work on a global scale.

Nomination for Best Social Influencer Award: Thayers – Skincare Seduction & Poreplay

Our first nomination celebrates our collaboration with Thayers. Thayers approached Campfire with the aim of harnessing the power of paid influencer campaigns on TikTok and Instagram. With toners set to grow significantly in the next 5 years thanks to increased education on skincare across social media alongside the influence of trends such as Korean Beauty and Glass Skin, our task was to assist Thayers in introducing their brand to the UK market.

Our strategy to effectively reach our target audience, primarily Gen Z individuals experiencing skincare concerns, is built upon a deep understanding of their preferences and behaviours. We recognise that Gen Z is highly engaged on social media platforms like TikTok, where 60% of users have made purchases based on content they’ve seen. Additionally, Gen Z tends to discover products and brands through social media rather than traditional search engines, with 25% actively using social platforms for this purpose.

In line with these insights, our approach at Campfire is centred around creating authentic, creative and innovative social-first content tailored to each platform. This approach is crucial for resonating with our audience and driving engagement. By leveraging the power of TikTok and Instagram, we aim to connect with Gen Z on a deeper level, addressing their skincare concerns and offering solutions in a way that feels genuine and relatable.

For our first pillar, Time For “Poreplay” Using Thayers toner as part of your routine is a step you DON’T want to miss out on… We know that a tongue-in cheek approach performs well with our Gen Z audience and creates impressive organic engagements. With this in mind we worked with comedy duos, lifestyle, relationship and body positive creators, who can speak with a risky tone of voice, mention innuendos whilst emphasising Thayers toner as the essential second step in a three-stage skincare routine and simply can’t be overlooked.

With our “Skin Care Seduction” pillar , we wanted to offer a great alternative for those who didn’t suit the risque nature of pillar one. We wanted to target our skin conscious Gen Z audience combatting common misconceptions and hyping up the USP. This approach helped us reach a wider audience while maintaining authenticity and credibility. Working with key leaders in the skincare space and derms was important to drive authenticity through this format.

The collaboration between Thayers and Campfire was a resounding success. By strategically planning our influencer partnerships, content themes, and engagement strategies, we massively boosted Thayers’ social brand awareness within the skincare community, showcased product efficacy and innovation, engaged with the Gen Z audiences, and drove positive sentiments around the brand.

Nomination for Best Social Media Tool: SPARK

Our revolutionary social media trend detecting tool, Spark, was our second nomination! Spark allows us to monitor trending topics and mine keywords using TikTok Trend Data, Search Trends, Own Site Search & Performance Data.  This permits us to be first to a trend, before competitors. We built this tool in response to the movement of trends originating on TikTok and it taking Google Trends days, sometimes weeks, to catch up. Trends, on average, last 2 weeks from start to finish so speed is truly key. Brands place a lot of emphasis on keeping up with trends to reach Gen Z so this tool has been built to make that possible for our clients.

Spark has been built as a live dashboard with 1,000s of trends updated multiple times per day, tracking growth rates and using machine learning to categorise trends and predict the trajectory. We know that becoming more ‘trend focused’ is a key objective across the majority of our client set, especially on TikTok, so staying competitive and having this data is key to wider business goals. We offer Spark as a managed service which includes ‘nudges’ when we send relevant trends to a client detailing the trend, the growth, an overview of the trend including its origin and actionable ways to utilise it.

Our talented strategists and influencer managers have gone above and beyond when it comes to servicing our clients and being recognised among the industry’s best would be a testament to their hard work. As you can imagine, this was a bit of a rogue idea when we came to pitch to the client, one we actually weren’t sure we wanted to pitch in the first place due to the… let’s say ‘provocative nature’ of the campaign but we feel this really paid off and highlighted the creativity of the team. It goes to show that no idea is too wild.    

Whatever happens, we’re grateful for the opportunity to enter the Global Social Media Awards and look forward to seeing how our innovative, data-driven approach compares to the competition.

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