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DRA Global’s Shortlist for The Best Audience Participation

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Published Date 12.04.2023

DRA Global is a dual-listed, multidisciplinary engineering firm with offices and projects across the globe. Although the company is predominantly focused on the mining, minerals and metals industry, its audience on LinkedIn is very diverse.

The mining industry’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Known historically for its negative environmental impacts, the world is now looking to the industry as a critical lever to change the future. DRA Global’s experts aspire to turn the future of mining into a reality, a conversation relevant to billions of people across the world and messages we needed to amplify for our brand.   

Big is not always better

The ‘Power of 90’ campaign was created to organically grow DRA Global’s LinkedIn followers from roughly 100,000 to 150,000 within the span of 12 months using only the influence of audience engagement as its provocation. To start, we hand-selected some of DRA’s engineering and mining professionals and invited them to join our ambassador group.  

This group received some training on the basic principles of liking, sharing and engaging with content on LinkedIn. Armed with all the tools needed to share our messages, we set off creating content that our audience would find interesting and that our ambassadors would feel compelled to share. And, if content is King, LinkedIn is certainly the perfect Queen of context.

Our ambassador program was a phenomenal success with a total engagement of 341,245 impressions on employees’ posts alone. Equally as exciting were the company page impression results, which for the period grew to 1,784,965. The initiative expanded organically beyond the 90 ambassadors to a few socially influential employees and and the results are a testament to the power of a hyper-targeted audience over aimless appeals to the masses.  

LinkedIn is a platform about connections, and this campaign highlights the power of the platform and the power of relationships. Having a fancy budget helps, but having creativity and the right tools is sometimes even better. 

As a company that strives for excellence in everything we do, we are very excited to have been shortlisted for the Best Audience Engagement Campaign from the Global Social Media Awards. Our team has worked diligently creating content with a purpose, that was engaging and impactful and, being recognised for our efforts is a true honour.  

So often we go about our normal workday fulfilling our responsibilities and not thinking about them further than that. To have your work recognised and commended by an external party reassures you that the work you are doing and the effort you put into these ‘everyday tasks’ have a real effect and is something we can really be proud of. I am thankful for my team, how we work together and what we have achieved, just like The Power of 90 campaign.  

  • Zoe Washington 

This nomination represents more than just an achievement for our company, but a validation of the hard work, dedication, and creativity that our marketing team brings to the table every day. We understand the importance of social media in today’s digital landscape and being shortlisted for this award is a testament to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering innovative solutions for our clients.  

Working for a global company has its challenges. Sometimes we can feel a bit disconnected, and the pandemic exaggerated this. What I found the most rewarding was that the campaign allowed us to create a small internal community beyond our marketing team. We were in constant communication with the ambassadors, and we received good feedback from them throughout. There was no reward or recognition to motivate them just a front-row seat to our content and the understanding that they were part of something big and almost impossible… now, something they all made possible.

            – Laverne Potgieter 

We are excited to celebrate with our fellow nominees, as well as the wider social media community and we give our sincerest thanks to our ambassadors and our audience. 

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