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The Blue Safety Helmet – WAL

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 23.03.2022

“Norges Hyggeligste Håndverker/Norway’s Nicest Carpenter” is an industry award created to improve the reputation and reduce stigma around construction workers of all kinds.

The reputational problems in the construction industry are projected to become a far more serious problem in the future, with a shortage of approximately 900000 workers by the year of 2035. The situation is complex, and it will require both engagement from politicians and a substantial boost of societal status to make the professions attractive again. How could NHH increase the reputation and status of the construction industry among young people in Norway?

  • The idea started out as a pure social media activity, leveraging an existing Snapchat function: changing the outfit of your Bitmoji. Through celebrities, snap ads, lenses and press, we encouraged young people to place a blue safety helmet on their Bitmojis. The blue safety helmet worked as a digital and social high-five to all the hard-working people in the construction industry and to those who plan or consider a future in the industry, says Anna & Hanna, the creative team behind the campaign.

The Bitmoji helmets spread in snapchat communities across the country. It eventually grew out of the platform and became a physical symbol on real people. At the peak of the campaign, the blue helmet appeared on both the prime minister, and the prime minister elect – making it a bipartisan statement. 

  • The snaplense had a 6,77% share rate – 1,4x over benchmark! People nominated construction workers for the award like never before, increasing the nominations by 57%. Also, use of the bitmoji helmet went up 1700%, spreading positivity in Snapchat, all over Norway, says Sigmund Malkenes, Consultant at WAL.

WAL – Winners of the Best Use of Snapchat at the Global Social Media Awards 2022

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